Vacuum Pore Cleanser™

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GET 50% OFF THIS AMAZING Vacuum Pore Cleanser/Blackhead Remover.

Comes with 4 different suction heads, and different functions.

 Rechargeable, easy and convenient to use.

Before use, be sure to wash your face with mildly hot water to ensure that the pores completely open up and keep the face moist. 

While using the product, move slowly back and forth on your skin.  Do not stay too long in the same spot so as not to damage the skin. You can suck out the oil, whiteheads, acne and relatively shallow blackheads. If suction does not come out, it does not matter, do not use too long each time, with a period of time, a week or so, more deep black will be out, and will not leave scars.

Package Include:

1 x Machine Pink 4 x Suction head 1 x USB cable 1 x User manual