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Are you tired of woodworking that is boring and cumbersome? We get it! That's why we came up with a wonderful product that breathes new life into your woodworking projects. Say hello to the Grinder Disc!

Our grinder Disc is perfect for carpenters, sculptors, and woodworkers of all skill levels. The disc is flanked by two steel plates that provide you with a strong and sturdy grip.

Do curved wood angles ruffle your feathers? Let the Grinder Disc help you! Make the Grinder Disc your go-to tool for all of your woodworking projects. This disc takes the muscle out of woodworking. You can even use it when carving and sculpting plastic, ice, and hard rubber.

No matter how strong the grain or knots are, the Grinder Disc will cut through the material with ease! Easily sharpen the chains with a chainsaw file or simply replace it. You'll love the smooth, finished look of your project surfaces which only requires minimal sanding. The Grinder Disc is also great for curved work such as the inside of bowls. It's pretty amazing, to say the least. FEATURES:

  • Made with high-grade steel
  • Easy to assemble and simple to operate
  • Fits any kind of grinder


  • Diameter: 4" 100mmArbor: 5/8" 16mm
  • Fits 4"(100mm) or 4-1/2"(115mm)


  • The disc should always be operated with the safety guard properly adjusted to the grinder.
  • The blades travel between 10,000 - 11,000 RPMs. That is three times the speed of a chain saw with twice as many teeth.