Pro-Vision 3in1 Magnetic Glasses For Men and Women

$26.99 $52.99

Eye Prescription

Provision 3in1 Magnetic Glasses 

  • Sunglasses with replaceable lenses. This is like having 3 pairs in one.
  • It has a quick change of lense Feature, literally in seconds. Thanks to the powerful magnets that are embedded in the frame.

Features and Benefits

  • Polarized blue mirrored lens blocks out harmful UV in daytime sun
  • Amber lens reduces blinding glare at night or increases definition on days with less sunlight
  • Electro Clear lens makes any electronic screen easier to read, indoors or out
  • Powerful magnetic frames hold lenses firmly in place
  • Easily change lenses with a snap
  • No clips or holders, just super strong magnets

3 Lenses included in the Package

 1. Electro Clear Lens